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Virtuoso IT Solution
Virtuoso IT Solution
Virtuoso IT Solution
Virtuoso IT Solution
virtuosoIT Solutions
virtuosoIT Solutions
virtuosoIT Solutions
Virtuoso IT solutions
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Virtuoso IT solutions
Virtuoso IT solutions
Virtuoso IT solutions

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Real Estate Construction Project Management Software :

It's the most innovative real estate construction project management software system in the industry of real estate business. We've developed a strong tool that will be helpful for you to keep your property projects running efficiently. We are specialized in extensive solutions for construction financials to multi-user fully integrated system. Our construction management software is the perfect system for contractors, that provides a complete record, and information for managing projects. Our construction management software is developed for project managers accountable for the costs of construction, scope, etc.

Only our real estate construction management software allow you to access the projects information through a variety of interfaces, so that your teams get information. Its enable to work online, and in the office or out in the field and you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

Construction Software Tailored to your Real Estate Business:

  Our Real estate construction management software is made with attention to and understanding of what's the vital to your real estate business. This software allows us to use better functionality, and it help improve profitability for your real estate business.

Current Challenges & Working Procedure:

  • Material damage report.
  • Unawareness of equipment used at site.
  • Tracking of manpower required vs. Actual
  • tools to managers in the construction process.
  • Difficulty in keeping records related to project.
  • Timely flow of information from site office to H.O.
  • Right tracking of inventory, purchased over consumed
  • The problems of construction project control, over budget and late.
  • Problems associated with resource utilization, accounting,and control during a project.
  • During the execution of construction project, process for project control, indispensable
  Overview of Project Management:
  • Location of Project
  • Material required to complete the project.
  • Equipment required (Hiring Rates would be entered).
  • Type of project (Factory/Building/colony/House/etc).
  • No. of labor required / rates per day/week/contract basis.
  • Subcontractors detail would be entered in the proposed system.
  • Name of project would be entered to make it unique ID for communications.The proposed solution would upload subcontractor's proforma for report purpose.
  • Start time & end time (Facility would be there to divide time into phases of work).
  • Details of suppliers (This would help if work is going on to complete on different location).
  • A unit master would be provided to enter different units involve in materials (KG/ Ltr. /Tons/ Sq. ft./meter/metric ton/bags/boxes/etc.).
  Inventory Control:
  • Material Purchase at H.O.
  • Material Purchased at site office
  • Balance inventory transferred to H.O.
  • A master of Job assigned would be made.
  • new project and can be updated as and when required).
  • Material consumed at site would be updated in the system.
  • The proposed solution would also record for Extra item analysis.
  • Cost of material to be entered in the master (Updated time to time).
  • Company wise items received entry would be made for further report.
  • List of suppliers would be available (Location Wise) for cost compare.
  • Record of vendor payment would be entered both at site and HO level.
  • Automatic cost calculation would be performed according to material consumed.
  • Equipment master to define hiring rates of various equipment used while construction.
  • Labor master to define No. of labor required for a given job. (This would be defined for each.
  Management At H.O.Level:
  • Purchase input
  • Supplier's detail
  • Subcontractor details
  • Equipment hired/rates
  • Material issued/transferred
  • Amount transfer to Supervisor for daily expense an its tracking
  • Payment made against entries (including miscellaneous expenses)
  • Bank Master for keeping a record of transfer amount to supervisor's account
  • Job assignment updates to be entered so that it can be reflected on site dash board
  Management at Site Level:
  • Daily Progress Report (Once DPR is send, only Admin can modify)
  • Day book (for daily expenses at site) (Once day book is send, only Admin can modify)
  • Material purchase input/transferred
  • Material used entry/used for
  • Equipment in use
  • Current Labor/shift
  • Damage record of material
  • Request for material
  • Request for manpower/equipment

Why Choose this Software?

  Owners, and contractors use this construction management software to improve financial returns and decrease projects peril to their operations.

We welcome you at our Company, and we make you sure that your experience with us will be appreciated by you.

Call us now at +91 9984585777 or contact us for a construction management software quote.
Virtuoso IT solutions
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Virtuoso IT Solution
Virtuoso IT Solution
Virtuoso IT Solution
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