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Virtuoso IT Solution
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virtuosoIT Solutions
Virtuoso IT solutions
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Virtuoso IT solutions
Virtuoso IT solutions
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Real Estate Broker Management Software:

Our "Vi-Pro Broker MIS" broker management software system is develop for sales and marketing support to track customers for the purchasing process of property for their development site.

Broker management software system is also helpful for user in relevant alerts. Broker MIS software would be design to understand most of facets involved in purchase process, availability of property information, commission etc. SMS & email shoot through the system for payment reminder notice with interest alerts to the customer.

Broker MIS is the real estate industry rapid-growing brokerage management system chosen by more brokerages to optimize their real estate business as well.

For more than 7+ years of experience, we provides brokerage management solutions. Our brokerage management software allows real estate business to address their goals as follow.

  • Building a platform for real estate business growth
  • Decreasing expenses
  • Automating workflow for better productivity
  • Building strong relationships with clients
  • Optimizing carrier relationships
  • Enhancing business fickleness
With the efficiency to scale with your real estate business environments up to the medium and high level, Broker MIS software give your business the freedom to go further.
  Enquiry Feature:
Broker management software would have a perfect module for enquiry, and this software could have option of enquiry consisting of all customer details.
  Enquiry Details:
Broker management software enable user to check the total enquiries made for a project. It is also helpful for you to find the enquiries between two dates.
Our broker management system delivers all related reports about the projects in the prescribed format, and it is also compatible with any printer for output. Some example are as follow:
  • Sales report
  • Enquiry report
  • Booking report
  • Service Tax report
  • Payment due report
  • Enquiry source report
  • Installment wise report
  • Broker commission report
  • Property availability report
  • Collection / payment report
  • Booked / non booked property report
  • Other related report
  Preferred Location Charges:
Our broker management software is well versed in all types of calculations including PLC. The administrator can define the cost of property in the property master.

Our brokerage management software shall be raising alerts of payment due date to admin. It is also helpful for admin to track of payment reminder of the each project.

Company Account Detail:
Our broker management software gives the opportunity to track the account of company, and allows user to track the record of payment made by organization towards the user.

Notice and Receipt:
Our broker management software would provide the required letters to clients in user defined format which would be approved by admin. Receipt against the due payment from organization would generate through the software.

Key Benefits of Using Our Broker Management Software:

  • Visual Reporting
  • Inspect the expected
  • Monitor Compliance
  • Quick Project Reviews
  • Quick and easy reporting
  • Cohesive Communication
  • Clear alignment of Objectives
  • Improved brokerage management
  • Complete work faster with intuitive interface
  • Decrease paper work and administration costs
  • Enhance productivity with automated workflow


Accessibility of Broker MIS Software System:

  A broker in the field with an iPhone, tablet or other mobile device has a direct line to all the key information they required to complete via call and make the perfect decisions. Brokers would be able to access the custom reporting, and would be able to upload the latest information about projects.
  We welcome you at
our Company, and we make you sure that your experience with us will be appreciated by you.

Call us now at +91 9984585777 or contact us for a broker management software quote.
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Virtuoso IT Solution
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